The personal site of Patrick Healy, currently a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

I love working with technology and especially learning new things, and being able to pursue a career where I can help others in their technology journeys is a wonderful thing. I’ve been working with IT infrastructure since 2004; my focus has always been in what’s now called the “infrastructure as a service” (IaaS) space, especially around virtualization, storage, networking, automation, and operating systems (Linux and Windows, with some AIX and mainframe sprinkled in over the years). In 2017 I branched strongly out into the container orchestration space, and have spent the time since then working with Kubernetes and many of its myriad components and integrations.

I joined Microsoft as a senior Cloud Solution Architect in 2019. I’m currently working in the Manufacturing unit, supporting discrete and process manufacturing customers across the United States. I focus heavily on Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure DevOps and Pipelines, GitHub, API Management, and the underlying infrastructure services (compute, storage, networking).

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, swimming, reading, and gaming (flat screen and VR). I also enjoy working in the garage on woodworking and home projects when I need to get away from IT for a bit.